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So What?    Episode 1 - "The Beginning"

There are different dimensions, ours is just where this story begins.
There is then one where The Six-state Federation is a separatist nation that ditched the declined United States, during what was called the second big depression.
This Federation is formed by Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Kings, Staten Island, and Jersey City. The six boroughs are fighting for economic and political power.
so what? police headquarters
so what? police boat Their political power became corrupted, and big corporations rule with their armies above the police forces.
"The organization", also called "The ORG", is a secret team determined to re-establish democracy in the six boroughs. They fight the corporations power struggling to re-create the big city once again. Their members have an alias to cover their secret activities.
You are about to find out how this story starts watching the series beginning.
One morning a big cargo ship appears in the Jacqueline Onassis Reservoir.
Seven professionals are called to investigate this unusual event. Some of them will become heroes, others will end up becoming villains.
Watch the second episode.
so what? cargo ship
so what? making of The whole movie is realized with Stop motion animation.
The actors are Playmobil figures.
Several scenes are filmed on green screen and then edited with footage filmed in Manhattan.
Written by Sascia Pastori, Grace Shin, Lex Kolychev
Directed by Sascia Pastori
Music by _vectorzero
Animation and editing by Sascia Pastori
Executive producers Sascia Pastori and Monica Ponzini
so what? painkiller
so what? golden boy
so what? martha marz
Cast (voices):
David Jordan - Golden Boy
Rick Mangi - Painkiller
Leia Chu - Martha Marz
Elisa Francovilla - Sheila Fury
Sascia Pastori - Rudy Pertugio
Mark Cheng - Martin Revy AKA Electro-Storm
Darren Brelesky - Medic Chief AKA King Misfits
James Shvarts - Scott Bent AKA Nucleus
Monica Ponzini - Operator
Teresa Hsu - Newscaster
Carlton Walton - Manhattan State Police Lieutenant
Brian Durkin - Various policemen

COMING SOON - So What? The comics series!
so what? characters

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So What?
Episode 03 "The Paladin"
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