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So What?    Episode 3 - "The Paladin"

After escaping evil Jaime's attack, the ORG team goes back to the base.
Their new friend George will help them figure out what to do to challenge the enemy.
A new adventure awaits ahead, a new incredible encounter is in their near future.
so what? characters
so what? characters Third episode of the series, this short movie is realized with Stop motion animation.
The actors are Playmobil figures.
Several scenes are filmed on green screen and then edited with original footage filmed in Manhattan.
Written by Sascia Pastori and Javier Lopez
Directed by Sascia Pastori
Music by _vectorzero
Animation and editing by Sascia Pastori
Executive producers Sascia Pastori and Monica Ponzini
so what? characters
so what? rifkin Cast (voices):
David Jordan - Golden Boy
Rick Mangi - Painkiller
Leia Chu - Martha Marz
Elisa Francovilla - Sheila Fury
Stephen Hsu - George
Lawrence Hewitt - Rifkin
Sascia Pastori - Rudy Pertugio
Mark Cheng - Electro-Storm
Darren Brelesky - King Misfits
James Shvarts - Nucleus
Chris Whatley - Jaime
Rob Ruffler - ZQQ President
Teresa Hsu - Newscaster
Steve Hernandez, Rob Kohr,
Carlton Walton - The ORG Henchmen
Tony Paras - Policeman

so what? episode 3

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